• Übersicht Labor Projektfläche Praktische Elektromobilität


Project area practical electro mobility

The project area practical electro mobility is being used for work activities regarding the electrification of vehicles. In 2015 a former indoor swimming pool was converted to a vehicle workshop with an ergonomically accessible working level. The location and size of the room are ideal for small student groups as well as practical team projects with real test vehicles. Students working in this project area have the possibility of solving practical problems with content from different courses in an industry-like environment.


Sascha Bode, B.Eng.
Phone: +49 511 9296 7813

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars-Oliver Gusig

Elektromobilität, Fahrzeugtechnik, Maschinenelemente, Konstruktion, CAD
Phone: +49 511 9296 1352