Increment of electro-mobility by optimized pedelec rental systems (OptiPeds)


01.07.2017 - 31.03.2021

project description

In the research project OptiPeds the success factors for pedelec rental systems are identified and from these an action strategy for future rental systems is developed. Particular attention is paid to the core element of such a system - the pedelec. By means of comprehensive data collection of the dataloggers, which have been specially developed for this purpose, it is possible to determine the stress and strain on pedelecs and to derive recommendations for their conceptual design. In addition to the derivation of results based on the technical data, the distances covered are also determined by location using a GPS sensor. These can be used to derive location-dependent speed profiles, which allow the development of a pedelec-specific driving cycle. The aim is to develop a universal driving cycle for pedelecs, based on which comparable standardized tests are carried out.

  project lead

  other researchers

Hans-Christian Friedrichs

Michael Diekmann

  funding line

ERDF - European Regional Development Fund - funding line 2.2.2 (application-oriented research at universities)

  third-party donor

Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

European Union

  affiliated partners

Inside M2M GmbH

HARZ-Agentur GmbH

Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Landkreis Goslar


union-boden GmbH

Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VCD)