Scalability of mobile micro-CHP units


01.08.2013 - 31.01.2019

  project description

The main goal of the research project is to replace conventional range extender (RE)with a mobile micro-combined heat and power unit (micro-CHP) scaled in accordance with the battery electric vehicle’s thermal requirements. This allows the cogeneration of heat and power by using the thermal output of the internal combustion engine as well as its torque, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions in comparison to other RE concepts. The unit’s small scale and a compact chassis design will make it portable allowing its removal from the BEV for use in buildings as well as other applications like outdoor activities

  funding line

Niedersächsisches Vorab / Volkswagen Foundation: Research priorities at universities and research institutes in Lower Saxony

  third-party donor

Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

  affiliated partners

Hochschule Ostfalia


paragon AG

Kraftwerk GmbH

University of South Wales

Technische Universität Braunschweig

Technische Universität Clausthal

Enercity Contracting GmbH