SeSyMa - sensorless control of permanent-magnet synchronous machines


01.03.2017 - 29.02.2020

project description

Permanent-magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) have advantages over other types of machines in terms of compactness of structure, power density and energy efficiency. However, due to the comparatively high cost, this type of machine has not yet gained acceptance for many applications with lower technical conditions. One way to reduce costs is waiving a position sensor, though this leads to performance disadvantages.

The research project SeSyMa - sensorless control of permanent-magnet synchronous machines lead to improve the operating characteristics of sensorless permanent-magnet synchronous machines (SLPSM) in order to expand the application areas of these systems and replace drive systems with lower energy efficiency. The biggest challenge is to ensure a control for the whole speed range, even in particularly difficult standstill and when starting from an unknown starting position and speed, which is a condition for the highest energy efficiency of SLPSM.

There are a variety of methods for sensorless control. However, these are subject to many limitations and are not or only partially functional for practical use in non-stationary area for various reasons. Therefore, these methods should be optimized and combined into a generic overall concept. A quick position detection should also be supported by constructive machine modifications.

This synergetic combination of control and design measures should lead to a result that goes far beyond the state of the art available today. The project partners Lenze SE and IAV GmbH are using and evaluating these methods for sensorless control in both automation technology and automotive applications in order to establish a series-ready alternative to position sensors.

  funding line

ERDF - European Regional Development Fund - funding line 2.2.2 (application-oriented research at universities)

  third-party donor

Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

European Union

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Lenze SE